Bobbin Lace Edging Samples

A few sample trims from my introduction into bobbin lacemaking. All of these patterns are sequential lessons from the book Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking by Doris Southard. So far, I am about halfway through the book, and I think Southard does an excellent job at teaching lacemaking through print. She gives lessons that are easy to follow and anticipates issues that a beginner may experience very well. I’m really excited about getting to the section where I can start making doilies.

In her book, Southard gives many advisable directions that unfortunately might create some barriers to get to the meat of lacemaking. Since I’m not too interested in using edgings that are typically taught to beginners (I’m not a sewist), I’ve made a few shortcuts: For the lace pillow, I used a flat piece of styrofoam from some packaging, which worked just fine, until I later decided to upgrade to a cookie pillow. Instead of pricking cardstock pattern cards, I simply copied patterns from the book using tracing paper and “laminated” both sides with some clear tape. This makes a card that is durable enough for a small single-use sample.

Apr 2020